Monday, August 23, 2010

A Whale Dreaming Story

Aboriginal peoples along the South Australian coast have featured whales in their dreaming stories for generations.  Here is one example.

One hot day, many Aborigines gathered at Encounter Bay for a large ceremony. The participants wanted to hold the ceremony through the night, but they did not possess any fire to enable them to see at night.  Two messengers were sent to find Kondole, a large powerful man who owned fire.  Kondole, was only invited to the ceremony for his fire.
Kondole hid his fire, however, and thus infuriated the other participants. They were determined to obtain the fire by force, but no one dared approach him.
Finally Rilballe decided to wound him with a spear and take the fire from him.  Rilballe threw the spear and wounded Kondole in the neck.  The participants laughed and shouted after this and most were then changed into different animals.  Kondole ran into the sea and became a whale, and now blow water out of the wound in his neck.


  1. Hi Maya, what an interesting story. And I really think it's interesting that they dream whale stories for generations. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Kathy, I find the dream stories fascinating. It is interesting to see how the Aboriginal People interpreted their surroundings.