Monday, August 9, 2010

Tasty Green

One of the biggest problems that we have faced in WA, other than distance, has been eating out.  Not only has food been extremely expensive, but for the most part the quality has been a disappointment.  In fact, I have probably been served some of my worst meals here in Perth.  In trendy Subiaco, I ordered a warm mushroom salad and was brought a bowl of mushrooms swimming in a sea of sherry without a green to be seen--can you say gag.  At another historic eatery, famed for its meat, I was served a gourmet burger that took me back to the hamburgers served at my elementary school cafeteria.  I am sorry, just because the the beef is Wagyu doesn't mean you can charge AU$25 for a compressed patty that resembles a char-burned shoe sole.
After our first couple of visits to the city and trying a variety of eating venues, we had to turn to pub food.  At least we knew what to expect, even if it was over priced.  Then on our visit last January, someone suggested that we try one of Perth's newest eateries, The Greenhouse.  I was a bit skeptical as I listened to the rave reviews about the amazing, funky fresh, organic food--but we decided to give it a try.
When we arrived at the Green House, I knew we weren't in your normal run of the mill type of place.  The owner's strong eco focus can be seen the moment you pass through the door.  The space and furnishings have been constructed with recycled materials.  However, even though I was impressed by the use of recycled and recyclable materials--I was there to eat.

Service was prompt and friendly.  The menu, which featured small plates, was simple but varied.  We decided to try four plates: lamb kofta, duck rillette, fried cauliflower, and  piquillo croquetas.  All I can say is that when the food arrived it exceeded our expectations.  It was obvious that the Chef knows his trade.  He took simple, quality ingredients and made some excellent non-pretentious plates that looked beautiful and tasted great.  At last we had found a restaurant in Perth that meet both our needs and tastes.

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  1. Hi Maya, sounds like a great place. And I love the eco friendly focus. I'm glad that their food did not disappoint too.