Monday, August 30, 2010

Bang For The Buck

We had hoped to make the 700 kilometers round trip journey to Wave Rock  in a day, but 97 east of Perth we decided to call it quits.  The map on my lap didn't inform me that the town was settled in 1831 and is the oldest inland town in Western Australia, or that it was an extremely popular place for a weekend get-away destination. We chose it for a stop-over because we were tired and the sun was setting.

As we drove down the main road we were greeted by some beautifully restored heritage buildings and several had been converted into charming sleeping options with character. Unfortunately, they were all booked. The only place with availability was Kookaburra Dream Travellers Overnighter, the valley's only backpacker hostel.  It had been years since we last stayed at a hostel, and even though we were not looking forward to returning to our days of budget traveling, we also realize it would be impossible for us to carry on. The sign in front of the building informed us that there was space available but that we needed to call the provided number for more information.  To our relief not only was there a bed available, but there was a private room.  The only downside was we would be sharing the bathroom-which turned out to be no drama since it was kept fastidiously clean.

Overall the Kookaburra turned out to be a travelers dream come true.  The building was centrally located and within walking distance of all the local attractions.  Our private room was separated from the rest of the house, and we had our own secluded garden.  The amenities--self-service kitchen (fresh breakfast supplies provided), lounge with fireplace, bathrooms, gardens and outdoor barbie area--were all spacious and meticulous.  The staff were courteous and helpful.So next time you are in the Avon Valley and are looking for budget accommodations that provide more than just a bed to sleep in call in at the Kookaburra.

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