Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mother Nature Showing Her Color

This week's PhotoHunt theme is colorful.

There were many choices for this week's theme, but I decided to showcase Australia's most famous natural icon.  These colorful pictures were taken at Uluru (aka Ayers Rock) at sunset.   It was a remarkable site to watch the giant monolith change colors as the light from the setting sun struck it.  
Uluru is a large sandstone rock formation in central Australia.  It measures more than 348 m high and 9.4 km in circumference.  However, it is interesting to note that the formation extends several kilometers below the surface of the ground--so visitors can only view a small section of Uluru.
The inselberg, or island mountain, is an isolated remnant left after the slow erosion of an original mountain range.  The remarkable feature of Uluru is its homogeneity and lack lack of jointing and parting at bedding surfaces, leading to the lack of development of scree slopes and soils.  


  1. Great choice for this week's Photo Hunt. Is it true (though) that one cannot go on to Uluru nowadays, unlike when it was known as Ayers Rock?

  2. the rock always has beautiful colours. I want to read more of your wanderings...

  3. Wow! Such beauty and majesty. Mother Nature trumps all! Happy weekend

  4. Love those natural colors. I can understand why so many people consider it a sacred place - it's incredible!

  5. Hi Maya, great choice for this week's theme. Your photos showing the varied and beautiful colors in the setting sun is very cool. What a great experience to get to see Ayers rock at sunset. Really amazing.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. aloha,

    i like your interpretation of this weeks them, those are very colorful rock, natures colors are alway's impressive

    my colorful interpretation is on my sari blog today, hope you take a look

  7. What a beautiful choice, to see Ayers Rock at sunset would be amazing. Thank you for sharing some very interesting info about it too. Also, thank you for stopping by !

  8. Fantastic,
    I as well colours created by nature and light.

    Greetings from

    btw. My Photo is as well from something alike

  9. Ah the colours of my homeland. But now where I live is green, green, green.

    Happy weekend to you.

  10. Beautiful!

  11. YSTL-Visitors can still climb Uluru, but the Traditional Owners ask that you don't. I'll be posting a more in-depth blog about this soon.

    Thanks you everyone for stopping in and leaving comments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  12. Marvelous earth colours! Lucky you to be living close by. Do you often go there? It is such a awesome and mysterious place. I'd love to see it one day (no climbing :D )

    Thanks for dropping by earlier and have a wonderful Sunday!

    Sreisaat Adventures

  13. interesting that this interplay between the same elements of nature creates a unique color palette =]