Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He May Be Hot, But He Doesn't Breath Fire

When surfing Wave Rock it is important to keep your eyes open because more than likely you will see an ornate dragon.  However, no need to worry that a fire-breathing creature will snatch you up while you are surfing since the striped lizards are about the size of you foot.  This species of lizard belongs to the Agamidae family, and can only be found in Western Australia. They are a common sight on the many granite outcrops of the southern part of the state.  When out in the open, basking on the warm rocks, they often display a head bobbing characteristic.  When the head bobbing is accompanied by a push-up like movement, the dragon is engaging in a mating ritual. The movement allows them to display their chest and throat region thereby transmitting information about attractiveness and availability to potential mates. 

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