Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Serious Dose Of Vitamin C

This week's PhotoHunt theme is orange.

Last time the PhotoHunt theme was orange I went big as well, but the Big Orange matches both in name and color. Located in the heart of the orange orchards near Berri, South Australia the landmark opened in 1980. Standing at 15 meters tall, with a diameter of 12 meters, it is the biggest of the "big fruit" in Australia. Unfortunately, the structures which houses a cafe, souvenir ship, function room lookout and  360 degree mural has been unable to achieve commercial success and it is currently closed to the public.
Other of Australia's iconic "Big Things," several of which have been showcased on PhotoHunt, can be found here.


  1. Wow! That's really big! lol! I want that especially now I'm vit c deficient lol! :)

  2. That Big Orange looks like a big orange basketball from afar! :O

  3. It does look like a big basketball!!
    Now I know where my Berri orange juice comes from. I know it is from Australia but didn't know that it came from a town named Berri as well :)

    Sreisaat Adventures

  4. Your big 'Orange Thing' is the perfect choice for the PH-theme today. Too bad they are closed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Best wishes,

    Anna's PH-Orange

  5. Really interesting!
    Too bad the businesses went down... If I were to visit Berri, I would have dropped by that structure.

  6. jack-o-lantern may revive the business.:p

    wonderful take on the theme.

  7. I missed seeing the one in WA. I think they are cool. We used to have orange colored and shaped drive in in the California Central Valley near the orange groves.

  8. Hi Maya, nice shot. I like the angle through the leaves. And is that a baby orange hanging. :) Great choice for this week's theme. I like your title too. Have a great weekend.

  9. Thanks everyone for stopping in! Sorry I'm a little late getting back to you but I was out of town.

    Eds-- An orange that big would be a lot of vitamin C!

    YTSL-It does look like a big basketball.

    Sreisatt--Berri is located in the Riverlands and lots of Australia's citrus produce is grown there.

    Anna, I would have loved to have gone in. Supposedly there is a great mural inside.

    Random Snapshots--I would have thought it would have been a good tourist draw. It would make a neat fruit stand.

    Luna Miranda, I'm not sure the Australians would take that. Halloween isn't really celebrated here. Also we don't have orange pumpkins, and the green ones we have are too thick to carve. You can find an imported one for carving, but sell for about $40!

    Marta, is there a big orange in WA? I have visited a couple of big things out there but no orange.

    Kathy, I had a bit of a problem getting the photo I wanted (with the real orange) because of a chain link fence, but I did the best I could.