Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nessie Of The Outback

This week's PhotoHunt theme is six

I was very fortunate to catch a glimpse and take a photo of this mystical six humped creature that lives in one of the many salt lakes of the Australian Outback.  


  1. What a cool photo and unexpected sight -- particularly in the Outback! ;b

  2. Hi Maya, well I'm a little jealous that I traveled all the way to Scotland and didn't get rewarded with a Nessie sighting like you did in the Australian Outback. :) This is a great photo and a very cool take on this week's theme.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Nice capture. You don't see that very option. Especially with 6 humps showing. ;)

  4. Doh!... I meant "You don't see that very often"!

  5. YSTL, you can always find some of that Aussie humour in the outback.

    Hi Kathy, I was fortunate for such a sighting so close to home.

    Marta, I read option as often the first time around and it took me a while to understand your second comment!