Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Different Take On Artichokes

This week's PhotoHunt theme is purple.

These artichokes were not harvested and one of them has turned into a beautiful purple flower.


  1. I love artichoke flowers. We have a cousin of the artichoke, the Cardoon in our garden which has similar blooms. Great take on the theme!

  2. I didn't know artichoke plant is like this, Thanks

  3. Beautiful!!! The flower is so pretty...looks like it would tickle your hand if you run it over the flower!!!! Love it!

  4. wow, I've never seen an artichoke do that! Beautiful.

  5. aloha,

    looks like you covered the purple challenge for today, nice capture

    my take was an intimate capture, very similar to yours

  6. good shot, as I never seen this one before!! Thanks!

  7. Jams, I've heard about the cardoon but I'm mot sure I've ever seen one.

    Ann, thanks for stopping in.

    YSTL, I the artichoke turns into a really lovely flower.

    Katya, I'll have to run my hand over the flower next time I see one to find out if it tickles.

    And Miles To Go, this was the first time I've seen such a purple artichoke flower.

    Mariposa, I agree that it is a beautiful flower.

    Noel, thanks for stopping in. I have a feeling lots of flowers may be out in photohunt this week.

    fini, I was happy to share.

  8. Hi Maya, that's a very cool photo and a great choice for purple week.