Friday, December 4, 2009

Moolack Shores

Ever since my parents moved to Oregon from New Mexico, over 10 years ago, a drive along the pacific coast between Newport and Lincoln City has been a yearly event.  Of course, a trip to the coast has to include a cup of chowder. Our favorite is at the Chowder Bowl at Nye Beach in Newport. Our annual journey also included an announcement from my mother, who is always in the backseat, that someday we have to come down and spend a night Moolack Shores.  I am not sure where she got her attraction to the nondescript 1950's style roadside motel, but she was very vocal about her desire.
This year her dream became a reality when we left my father in Corvallis and headed down to the coast for a girls' night.  Located about 5 miles from Newport on the road to Depot bay is Moolack Shores.  It's webpage boasts "utterly unique lodging on the Oregon Coast."  However, as we entered the parking lot,  characterless was the first word that popped into my mind.  My mother remained optimistic that the room would exceed expectations, and what can I say other than mother always knows best.
When we opened the door to the Antique Room--each of the 12 rooms has it's own theme--we found both natural beauty and quirky charm. The motel is perched on a bluff right above the crashing surf, and we were greeted with an uninterrupted view of the Pacific Ocean. The room itself was a bit small, but because of the large picture window, tall ceilings and the open balcony it felt spacious.  The furniture in the room matched the antique theme and the owner has not gone overboard in the decorating--though the Mozart lamp may not suit everyone's taste.  There is also a wood burning stove to keep the room cozy on those long winter nights.

The motel provides a well maintained private staircase that takes you directly to waters edge.  Once on the sand, you have the option of walking in either direction on several miles of undeveloped beach.  This part of the coast has limited access, so there aren't many other people around.  The towering cliffs along the beach are also an excellent place to look for fossils.

If you are driving down the Pacific Coast Highway in Oregon and looking for a hotel that has a bit more personality than the large chain hotels, Moolack Shores may be the place for you.

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