Thursday, December 17, 2009

Deep Creek Conservation Park

If you want to see some of South Australia's most stunning coastal scenery head on down to Deep Creek Conservation Park.  The 45 square kilometer park is located 100 kilometers south-west of Adelaide on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

The park's breathtaking location on the Southern Ocean, lush dense forests, and varied landscape--majestic cliffs, undulating hills, steep gullies--make Deep Creek a Bushwalkers paradise.  There are numerous trails that are flanked by a diverse flora including a variety of Eucalyptus and Native Grass Trees.  Time on the trails also provides visitors with the opportunity to see Eastern Gray Kangaroos, Echidnas, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos and Bandicoots.

The trails vary in level of difficulty from easy to experienced, and a small section of the world famous Heysen Trail passes through the park.  It is important to note that many of the trails, especially those that drop down to the ocean or creek bottoms,  can be rough and may include some very steep climbs.
On a recent visit to the park we hiked the Deep Creek Circuit Hike.  The trail, which was very rugged in some areas and included several steep ascents as well as descents, was supposed to take 7 hours to complete but we were able to finish in 5.   The views were magnificent and highlights of the  trail included a glimpse of Kangaroo Island, dense understory, wind stunted eucalyptus trees, a cascading waterfall, and two isolated beach coves.


  1. Hi Maya, beautiful photos and this parks sounds like a great location for hiking opportunities. I love that waterfall!

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are having a wonderful holidays so far.

  2. Hi Kathy, Deep Creek is one of my favorite parks. There is also the bonus that lots of kangaroo's live there, so it is a great place to take visitors to see 'roos in the wild.
    It's been hard to get into the holiday spirit because of the weather (we hit 105 on Monday). I hope you are having a good holiday season.

  3. Maya,
    What gorgeous views! Sounds like a great hike too. I would love to do it one day.

  4. Maya - I have to confess, I have not been to Deep Creek. Your photos and description tell me it is something I must do soon. Beautiful!

  5. Candi, it is a hike worth taking.

    Gordon, a visit to Deep Creek is a must!