Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The aboriginal people of the southern Fleurieu Peninsula (the Kaurna and Ngarrindjeri) use dream stories to illustrate the creation of land formations.
The following is a Kaurana dreaming story that describes the formation of the Pages Islands which can be seen from the Tapananppa Lookout in Deep Creek Conservation Park.

Ngurunderi was traveling along the coastline in search of his two wives, who had run away from him.
The two women hurriedly walked down Tunkalilla Beach to Tjirbuk.  From there they could see Kangaroo Island, the spirit lad.  At that time Kangaroo Island was almost connected to the mainland and it was possible to walk across.  Picking up all their belongings, consisting of nets (for fish) and mats (to carry food in) they began to walk across.
In the meantime, Ngurunderi hurried up to Tjirbuk, and could see them going across.  When they had reached the center, Nurunderi called out in a voice of thunder, saying: "Pink'ul'un'urn'pra nukurn" (fall waters-you).  Immediately the waters (sea) began to come in from the west, wave upon wave, driving the two women from their course.
So rough, so strong were the tempestuous waves, that the women tried to turn their faces towards the mainand.  At last, sighting against waves no more, they were carried into the open sea, taking their net baskets with them.  But again, as the water grew calmer, they tried to swim to Tunkalilla Beach, but could not and were at last drowned.  They were, however, metamorphosed into Metaong--The Pages or the Two Sisters, opossite Tunkalilla Beach.


  1. Hi Maya, this is such an interesting dream story that explains Metaong, the Two Sisters. I really enjoyed reading about it. Your photo is very beautiful. What a great view.

    Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you are having a wonderful Holidays so far. Have a very Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year1

  2. Hi Kathy, I really enjoy learning about all of the Aboriginal dream stories that go with the places that we visit here in Australia. They make me look at the land from a different perspective.