Wednesday, December 16, 2009

For You Two Dollar

Each week on Tuesday I head into the Central Buisiness District to the Adelaide Central Market.  I spend several hours wandering the aisles, seeing what each of the vendors has to offer.  I love seeing what produce is in season, the exotic meats (camel anyone?), and endless choices of cheeses. Though prices are comparable across the market, deals can be found by those willing to take some time to search the 80+ stalls.  For those who don't have time or patience I would suggest arriving late in the afternoon.

At around 3:30 large tables begin to appear in the middle of the aisles.  These tables are gradually filled with produce that needs to be sold.  The items that end up on the table tend to be perishables--herbs, ripe fruit and vegetables, leafy greens-- that will not last until Thursday when the Market reopens.
The peddlers begin to advertise their wares with loud shouts.  It isn't long before the tables are surrounded by a swarm of people trying to get a good deal.  The crowds are not always amicable and it is not uncommon to get an elbow in the ribs, or have a head of lettuce snatched from your hands.  In many ways I enjoy watching the interaction between the hordes of people as much or maybe even more than grabbing a bargain.

When dealing with the hucksters I have found that please, thank you, and a big smile tends to go a long way, and can be rewarded with "For you my lovely, one dollar."  I've also discovered that once you've asked a price, if you attempt to wait and come back later you'll get "I already told you two dollars."  You also have to be careful of good deals or the "For you, a special deal," as this could mean walking away with a box of bananas, instead of the two that you planned to buy.


  1. That's my fav guy to buy veg from, in your last pic. I must leave work early one day to check out these tables, as that's a phenomena I wasn't aware of!

  2. Suzer, the guy in the picture is one that loves to try and sell me more than I need!! The end of the day market tables are worth checking out.

  3. I love markets. This one sounds really interesting. Camel meat - I would not have expected it but it makes sense once you remember there are wild camels in Australia. Thanks for sharing this interesting part of Adelaide.

  4. Marta, I've yet to try camel but it is there for the buying.