Wednesday, March 30, 2011


In addition to a central location and amazing view, the Condor Tower also has historical importance. The project, which took a vacant 10-storey building and added an additional 18 floors, is believed to be unique not only in Australia but worldwide. The transformation of an obsolete building into a state of the art landmark won an award which recognized the major engineering challenge that faced the architects: the strengthening of the existing foundation to support the additional weight. By overcoming structural obstacles, the architects were able to demonstrate how existing structures can be recycled and transformed.
With the Condor being such an outstanding example of innovative Australian engineering, I have to question the entry into this world class building.
The brass and silver doorway falls short of capturing the grandeur that should accompany such an architectural feat. Perhaps the artist had hopes of demonstrating how the mighty condor is the king of the urban jungle. Unfortunately, the etched v-shapped bird fails to represent the strength behind of the condor. Instead the bird brings to mind a common seagull, and there is nothing majestic or powerful with this association. Could it be that the artist felt that the building could stand alone in its own glory? I don't know but each time I enter the building I can't help but wonder if who ever commissioned the door feels like they were conned? If so, perhaps, that is what the artist was trying to convey with his masterpiece.

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