Monday, March 21, 2011

Signing On The Dotted Line

We sat at the table with a stack of papers between us. With a simple signature our dream to live at the Condor would become reality. We knew there would be some struggles but were sure that we could overcome them. I had always complained that the flat in Glenelg was too large, so maybe it was time to downsize. Getting rid of some of the junk we have collected over the past couple years wouldn't be a bad thing. In fact,  we could use a cleansing. But, I couldn't help but wonder if we would be able to adjust to the single 16 inch bar in the closet. As I looked at my forearm, the approximate length of the bar, I tried to visualize just how much clothes we would be able to hang. At least we would each have our own closet and our own little bar. Still, it looked like I'd be making a trip or two to Salvo's with some donations.
Fortunately, we hadn't overlooked some of the more technical issues like the lack of a heating/airconditioning unit and sunshades.  Luckily the owner had agreed to install them, though he didn't believe we needed shades since it would be impossible to see into the 23rd floor. He eventually understood that it wasn't peeping eyes, but rather the sun's searing afternoon rays that we wanted to keep at bay.
Of course, we knew there were some other issues that would be impossible to resolve. We would have to learn to ignore the scratched walls, blemished marble counters, and stained window pane. We knew the pool pump would not be fixed before the end of summer. An empty car space in such a prime location would necessitate the constant need to call in maintenance to clamp illegally parked cars.
As we discussed and debated the severity of each and every one of the issues, we agreed that in the end they were insignificant when compared to the choice location with a perfect view.

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