Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Exotic Animals Arrive In Perth

It is not uncommon for some unruly beasts to fill the streets of Northbridge, Perth. However, this past Friday night it wasn't the normal drunks that were causing havoc. Instead it was nine giant red giraffes, an overdressed opera singer, a mad ringmaster and some cheeky clowns and clumsy acrobats that were running rampant. 

The one-of-a-kind show--a fusion of street carnival, circus and opera--meandered through the streets entertaining both young and old with song, music, fire, and explosions. Unlike traditional opera this urban operetta had something for everyone.

For me a highlight of the modern art performance was the red burlesque giraffes. The 8 meter tall stilted kinetic sculptures moved effortlessly through the streets bringing exotic animal wildlife to the urban jungle.


  1. Congratulations to everyone involved in this event. It was truely a wonderful spectacular that was inspring to experience.

  2. Great photos! I can see that Perth is going to be an exciting place to be.