Sunday, September 5, 2010

Upside Down and Confused

This past week marked the start of September and I have been in Australia for over 2 years.  One would think that by now I would be accustomed to the fact that the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are reversed from  what I have known for over 40 years.  However, I continue to struggle with matching the season to its corresponding month. In June I was singing Christmas Carols and I had an urge to make tamales and roast a turkey. I find it interesting how we connect cultural occasions to the length of day and weather conditions  in our place of origin--there is no way I'll be in the Christmas spirit by the time hot days of Australia's December roll around.
In situations that require stating the current month I  have to make a conscious effort to recall information that would normally roll off my tongue. I'm not referring to the simple confusion of August for September. Even during July, the month during which I celebrate my birthday, I have to remind myself that it is July--not January.Thank goodness I don't write checks or I'd really look like an idiot.
Down Under September 1st designates a new season--spring.  I didn't expect change over night. I know that the winds will continue to howl and that rains are possible as we slowly move towards the long and hot days of summer.  However, I continue to be a bit baffled. I can't help but feel that this should be the start of autumn and the football season.


  1. Hi Maya, I think it would be very confusing and a challenge for me to get used to the different weather for each season. I hope that you all have a cool Christmas this year in Australia.

  2. Hi Kathy, I don't think it is something I'll ever get used to. Hopefully this year our Christmas will be a bit cooler than last year and we wont have to eat potted meat for the Christmas dinner. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend.