Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wild And Free

This week's PhotoHunt theme is free.

The Snowy Mountains in south-eastern Australia are a haven for free-roaming feral horses. We came across this Brumby while hiking from Dead Horse Gap to Mt. Koscuiszko. 


  1. that is one superb image. i love it.

  2. Beautiful photo! Are the mountains really snowy? The area looks more misty in the photo. :)

  3. Hi Maya, wow, great choice for this week's free week. It's a beautiful photo and what a great treat to come across him (or her) during your hike. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. ewok, I am glad you like the picture.

    YTSL, this picture was taken over Christmas which is summer here, so there were just a few patches of snow but it was really cold. The area has skiing in the winter so they must get a good base.

    Kathy, when the trail dropped into the clouds I thought to myself that it was the perfect setting to come across a brumby. It was magical when we did.