Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking For A Handout

This week's PhotoHunt theme is hand.
It was no problem to get this wallaby to eat out of my hand. She even let her little joey have a taste. The picture was taken at Cleland Wildlife Park. You are able to buy special pellets to feed the animals. You should never feed wallabies and kangaroos in the wild since they can get lumpy jaw. An infection that causes their jaws to swell and is usually fatal in kangaroos.


  1. perfect take for the teheme. happy weekend.

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  3. The wallaby you're feeding looks so small -- and she's already a mama! :O

  4. Hi Maya, oooooh this is such a cute photo and great for this week's theme. I didn't even notice her little one until I read further. How special that must have been to get to feed her baby too. I hope that people obey the rules not to feed them in the wild so they don't get that terrible infection.

    Have a wonderful weekend.