Monday, January 10, 2011

Then I Saw It Fall. Now I'm A Believer.

On one of our first trips to the Australia Bush we came a across a sign that warned of falling limbs. At the time we found it a bit comical and I had to snap a picture. As we moved into summer the same warning started turning up all over the place. In fact, I even heard a reminder on the local radio station. I found it strange since the days were becoming longer and hotter, not windier. So when visiting the Adelaide Botanic gardens I took the opportunity to ask an expert about the warnings. 
It turns out that it is not uncommon for the Australian Red Gum to drop a limb, especially when it is hot out. So I was once again told to keep my eyes up, ears open and not sit or camp under large trees when in the bush. We heeded the warning and for the next two years we kept a look up, especially when parking our rental cars--didn't want to have to explain a crushed roof. However, after countless hours spent in the bush and walking along the tree lined streets of Adelaide I had yet to personally witness a falling limb and I couldn't help but wonder if the warnings were valid. But we still continued to park the car out in the open. This is not always easy, as I hate to keep the vehicle in the sun especially in the summer.
So during our Christmas road trip as we slowly worked our way across the low lying hill surrounding the Snowy River, I tried to convince Mark we needed to park in the shade. He refused and parked smack in the middle of an open clearing. Having lost the battle I grabbed my towel and headed to a grassy area under the trees for a pout while Mark headed down to the river for a dip.
I sprawled out on my large beach towel and closed my eyes. I was quickly blanketed with the thick warm air. I was surrounded by an eerie silence. The buzz of flies, calls of birds, and even the babble of the creek were muted by the soaring heat of the day. Suddenly the silence was broken by a loud crack. Just to my left a very large branch came crashing to the ground. In one brief moment Mother Nature had converted me into a believer. 


  1. Hi Maya, wow. I'm so glad you weren't hurt in the incident. I'm sorry to hear about all the flooding that is going on. I hope that things are okay where you live and I'm hoping the weather improves for all who are affected. Take care.

  2. Hi Kathy. Fortunately, the damage by the flooding here in South Australia didn't reach Adelaide, but we have seen some of its destruction in our travels. However, I think what is happening now up on the northwestern coast is much worse. My thoughts to out to everyone living in the affected areas.

  3. We've had about 3 or 4 very large branches come off the gums in our backyard - never camp under gum trees;)

  4. Wow - that would have been scary. Good to know to watch for those limbs.