Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can You Get Your Arms Around This Big Guy?

This week's PhotoHunt is cuddly.

This big guy may not be as cute and "cuddly" as the real thing, but you still got to love him.  The Big Koala is located near the Grampians on the Western Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne.  In 1988 the structure was designed and constructed by sculptor Ben Van Zetton.  The massive marsupial, which stands 14 meters tall and weighs 12 tons, is the home of a gift shop.  


  1. This made me smile. :) I never expected another 'large' Aussie statue for cuddly!

  2. Cute in the day time - scarey on a dark night!

  3. Marta, I thought I'd go for it from a different angle.

    Quickroute, you are right, he is a bit spooky!