Friday, February 5, 2010

After Life

Just to the south of town lies the Tibooburra Cemetery.  Like the town, it is a bit tattered on the edges but rich in history and one can only imagine the untold stories that lay buried below the earth.
The grounds that were once protected from undesired visitors by a feral animal proof fence--which is now a victim of gravity-- remain in their natural state.  There are no trees nor grass here,  just plenty of red sand covered in goat heads and ant piles.  As you walk among the graves you realize that the area is not in disrepair.  Recent visitors have left silk flowers, bottles of beer, and tidied up the area.  It is as though the land has been left unchanged to provided its inhabitants the same habitat in death that they lived in life.
Grave markers vary from a small worn wood tree stump, metal plates with numbers, simple crosses, marble headstones, to elaborate concrete slabs.  Some of the markings include names, ages, stories of untimely deaths, and proclamations of love.  Others were just markers, reminders of unknown pioneers of the region.

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