Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This Soplas...

View From Our Flat On Calm Day

For 5 years, I dreaded the horrid summers of southern Spain.  The heat would arrive in May and last well in to September-- a consistent 35C+ degree heat.  By 11:00 in the morning you had to retreat inside--it was just too hot in the street-- and it would not cool off until well into the evening.  No wonder Spaniards are famous for their nightlife; it is the only time of the day they can go out during the summer.  For some, this may sound like an exaggeration, but anyone who has experienced an Andalusian summer will understand my metaphor: this is earth's equivalent of hell.
When we decided to move to Southern Australia, I worried about what the summer season would bring.  Having survived one summer on this isolated continent, I have to say that, at least here in Adelaide, it was nothing like what I suffered in Utrera.  There were a couple of weeks last January/Feburary where we had 35C+ degree days, but the heat didn't last for months on end.  There were days of sweltering heat, but these were followed by more comfortable temperatures.
This being said, Spring has become my least favorite season in Southern Australia.  It teases me with beautiful days... you know the ones I am talking about... the weather that makes you think that everything beautiful.   The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and a walk along the beach is a true pleasure. It was that kind of weather we experienced last week, perfect for spring break. I even started thinking about breaking out my summer clothes, but deep down I knew it was too good to be true. Sure enough, yesterday morning I was greeted by a malicious wind that has turned the calm blue bay water into a tumultuous sea.  This chilling wind comes straight up from Antarctica.  Keep in mind there isn't a lot between us and that frozen continent to slow down or warm the air stream that comes our way.
The chatter of birds has been replaced with the crashing of waves and the howl of the wind.  On days like this, it is virtually impossible for me to cross the beach access zone, a corridor between our apartment and the hotel next door, without being blown away.  We have nicknamed the crossing "the wind tunnel."
I can sit in the flat and watch the fast rolling storms move in.  They begin as a darkening horizon that quickly turns the sky a dark grey.  The wind blown rain slams against the window, shaking the entire apartment.  The squalls depart  as quickly as they arrive, with another one brewing out on the horizon.

The Bay On A Windy Day


  1. I have just remembered that I did not come and thank you for commenting on my posting, so I thought I'd remedy that right away.

    I'm not from Australia originally either. I really like the heat and prefer when it lasts forever, but I appreciate that may be a little strange. As for the storms, they're like nothing I have every heard before. They still scare me with their intensity sometimes and I hope they always do.

  2. Your view is absolutely marvelous! It makes me feel homesick for the ocean. I've always loved watching storm driven waves come in- such a beautiful sight.

  3. Hi Maya, it is so interesting to read your description of the summer heat in Andalusia. I was there in November and it was still really warm in Seville and Cadiz so I can only imagine the heat during the summer months. It was beautiful though. Your view of the ocean is really amazing. I loved your description of the changing weather there. The comparison photos are so interesting and dramatic looking. Hope the seas calms down for you some and that you have a pleasant week.

  4. Matthew-Thanks for visiting. I think I'd take the heat over the wind!

    Phoo-D-Thanks for stopping by. I've never lived near the water, so I spend a lot of time looking out our windows.

    Hi Kathy-Yeah the heat in Andalusia is something I don't miss about Spain. I wouldn't recommend a summer visit for anyone. Unfortunately, it looks like the wind will be blowing here the whole week but I'll survive.