Friday, January 13, 2012

Purple Lotus

When we planned our trip to India for our Christmas holiday we had no idea that it was a popular travel time within the country and that it would be extremely difficult to find accommodations in the southern part of the country. We waited until the last moment to make our final booking in Bangalore. Since it would be our first stop in India and the place we would be spending Christmas Eve, we wanted to make sure it was a decent place, yet one that didn't break the budget. In our recent travels we have found the larger hotels to be so impersonal, so we wanted a place that was small and charming. After weeks of researching on the internet we decided to go with the Purple Lotus. According to various reviews the small boutique hotel would offer us a contemporary space and old fashioned hospitality.
Tucked, or perhaps I should say hidden, on a nearly impossible to find alley way in the heart of Bangalore's city center is the Purple Lotus. Even though it maybe a bit difficult to find, the hotel is located a stone's throw from one of the city's  poshest neighborhoods--home to fine dining and prime shopping; and for the more active traveler the 300 acre Cubbon Park.
As promised, the property offers it's visitors not only style, comfort, and a place to leave the outside world behind; but also a glimpse into history.

"The site of Purple Lotus was once home to one of India's most charismatic freedom fighters, Mr M. V. Krishnappa. As a young man, whose determination to free the nation, he earned the position of Minister of Food and Agriculture in the first post independence cabinet. The intensely patriotic politician served his country for 6 terms. During this time, he dedicated himself to bettering the lives of rural farmers and reached the hearts of ordinary people through his deep understanding of their most urgent needs. The  Purple Lotus was a space where Mr. Krishnappa's doors always welcomed the poor and needy. As a farmer, he never forgot the hard price paid by families like his own for the simple right to exist among the more privileged. It was his intent to lessen the peoples burden while including them in the pace of the nation's progress."

With all that it has to offer (location,style,peace,hospitality,history), I would have to say that Purple Lotus is the perfect place to stay in Bangalore.

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