Thursday, January 26, 2012

I Live In A Barbie World

It is Australia Day here Down Under. The temperatures in Perth will be climbing into the triple digits. However, we won't let the heat stop us from firing up the barbie, and cooking up some tasty chops.


  1. Thanks for the smile this morning. One of the roles of my job is to cover/backup my coworker in Sydney. I worked his shift last night (3-11:30pm PT) for Australia Days so I really enjoyed this. I just hope I'm not humming the song all day. ;)

    Keep cool.

  2. Hi Marta, I am glad you enjoyed the video. Our Australia Day barbie wasn't like the one in the video, but the star was lamb. A few showers helped cool things down a bit, and they didn't bother us since we could watch the fireworks from our balcony.
    I hope you didn't sing the song all day, but I've been singing it for a week straight!