Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Foot Of A Nomad

This week's photo hunt is birds.

This ferocious talon belongs to an emu.  It is fitting that the largest bird in the Australia has such a prehistoric looking foot since it has been walking the continent for over 80 million years.  If you'd like to read more about emus see my post Look At That Birdie In A Tutu.


  1. I like the different angle you took on this week's post. How close did you get? Those look dangerous!

  2. Hi Maya, great perspective! I had no idea that they are 80 million years old. They do look really prehistoric. So interesting. Great choice for this week's theme.

  3. @ Marta the picture was taken at a wildlife park so I was able to get close to this guy. In the wild they usually will run away, unless people have been feeding them then they can be a bit agressive.

    @ Kathy, they are prehistoric looking. Whenever I see them running I just have to laugh--they are so comical.