Sunday, September 20, 2009

Steamed Shrimp

Last week when at the library I found the recipe for Garlic Prawns with Shallots and Fish Sauce in blue eye dragon Taiwanese Cooking by Jade and Muriel Chen. I didn't think much of the recipe, but I liked the way the shrimp were prepared--deveined but not peeled, and steamed. So when I found some very yummy looking jumbo prawns at the market--I knew how I was going to prepare them. The picture in the cookbook had showed the whole shrimp left intact, so I took my kitchen scissors and cut a 1/2 inch part of the shell off the shrimps back. I then removed the vein. I placed the prawns in a steamer basket, and sprinkled them with fresh diced garlic and fresh cilantro. I then placed the steamer basket over boiling water and steamed them over medium heat for about three minutes. I transfered the shrimp to a plate and drizzled them with some olive oil, and lime. The meat came out very succulent, and they were very tasty. They didn't even need any sauce.

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