Friday, November 12, 2010

SA Wave

The bright sun called me to the balcony, but whether or not I would open the doors was yet to be decided. The gentle rolling in waves from the northwest suggested I might be able to sit outside for my morning coffee. Sure enough, as I opened the doors I was greeted with a warm breeze. 
As I stood and took in the beauty around me I noted that the bike path and beaches were relatively empty. I knew that it wouldn't be long until the scene before me filled with people.  A smile came to my lips as I imagined the dozens of walkers, runners, rollerbladers and cyclist cruising the urban trail all at their own speed. I easily envisioned each of them frantically waving their hand in a sweeping motion across their faces. From my vantage point this simple motion would appear to be a friendly gesture--perhaps the result of the hormonal surge driven by the arrival of spring--but for those who have walked the urban jungle there is the understanding that this is not a symbol of friendship or love. Instead, it is a gesture that attempts to ward off the evil creatures that the warm winds bring in from the bush. The battle between human and the australian fly will have begun. 
It seems so unfair that the warm winds of the north beckon us to revel outdoors, and at the same time they torture us by bringing the pesky bush fly to our urban setting. Oh, how I loath the little creature that continuously attempts to crawl into my mouth, ears and nose. Waves, salutes, and swats seem to have no effect on the irritating pests; in fact, the only way to be rid of them seems to be by adding them to one's diet and ingesting them whole. Fortunately, for now I will be granted respite from the unpleasant critters swarming the streets below since it appears that bush flies are afraid of heights. However, I know there is a battle awaiting me once I step out into the urban jungle.

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  1. Hi Maya, :) oh my. Not fun to have these flies around when one is jogging, biking or walking and trying to take in some air. Well, enjoy your coffee and and clear air before you head down into the urban jungle. I hope it's not too bad for you all this year. :)