Monday, October 18, 2010


A visit to the red center wouldn't be complete without a visit to Bojangles in Alice Springs. The historic venue first opened its doors in 1935 as a guesthouse that offered accommodation and basic hospitality. Over the years the establishment has evolved to its present iteration, a popular watering hole.
Few visitors to Alice can resist the beckoning call of the red swinging saloon doors. As patrons pass over the threshold they are transported to a distant time to find themselves surrounded by guns, boots, motorbikes, pioneering artifacts, taxidermy, bones and photos. 
Once patrons have perused the impressive collection of wild west mementos they can belly up to the bar for a coldie and some peanuts, or settle in at one of the communal tables for some distinctive outback tucker--camel, crocodile, kangaroo or emu. 

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  1. Hi Maya, what a cool place to visit. I woulnd't mind hanging out in a wild west saloon like this.