Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Public First

This week's PhotoHunt theme is public.
This Round House is located at Arthur Head in Fremantle, and  it is Western Australia's oldest public building.  The gaol (jail) was built in 1830 and it was the first permanent building in the Swan River Colony.
The small prison had eight cells and a jailer's residence.  It was used for colonial and indigenous prisoners until 1886 when the Convict Establishment prison was transfered to the colony.  After that, the smaller Round House was used as a police lockup until 1900, when it became the living quarters for the chief constable and his family.


  1. Hi Maya, great photo and a cool choice for this week's theme. I like the shape of the building. I found the history so interesting. My first thought, was with only 8 cells they didn't have much crime in the early 1800's back in WA. But maybe that's the case in most places. It's hard to imagine knowing how things are now. Thanks for this interesting historical read.

  2. Hi Kathy, I had some problems getting the post up this week. It thought it was scheduled, but it didn't post. Better late than never.
    I had thought of going with a theme more similar to the one you posted, but I wanted to keep it in WA. I happened to visit the building on Friday, and was thrilled that it fit perfect with PhotoHunt.
    I couldn't find any information on how many prisoners were housed at the jail. I have a feeling the 8 cell jail wasn't big enough since they built a much bigger one fairly close by.
    Thanks for the comment even though I was late!