Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I am

I am from a seed that was planted to keep a young man from going to war,
an everlasting bond between two people.

I am from east coast meets southwest.
Mayer and Mayita.
The sandpiper of the beach,
and the road runner of the desert.
Periogies, cabbage rolls, babka,
Chile verde, enchiladas, and empanadas.

I am from the flat lands of Indiana,
a place never considered “home”.
Cold winters and humid summers.
Corn fields, horses, playing in the woods,
the musty smell of antique shows.

I am from the picket line.
A child’s voice chanting
¡Justicia si! ¡Uvas No!
¡Que viva
Cesar Chavez!

I am from
New Mexico.
Turquoise blue skies,
and sunsets the color of sandia.
Bicultural and bilingual.
Two worlds coexisting,
yet the constant us/them or ellos/nosotros.

I am from
but I am not an Española.
The sun of
Plaza Nueva,
toastadas con tomate y
cafe con leche.
The passion of los gitanos,
moonlit nights at the
Cañas, tapas y Flamenco.

I am from the bedside of my Abuelita,
“buscame piojitos, m’hita” .
Helplessly watching her wither away,
unable to ease her pain.

I am from south of the border,
the home of La Virgen Morena.
The tunnels below
Mexico City,
my escape route from Polanco.

I am from a family of teachers.
Not an academic,
but an educator and a life long learner.

I am from many places,
but I am one.
I am Maya.

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