Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going Postal

No matter where you live, when it comes time to move there are a series of tasks that need to be completed. In addition to the actual physical part of boxing stuff and physically transporting it from one place to another, we are all pretty familiar with cleaning a rental for the final inspection, contacting companies to terminate gas, electric, phone and internet service, and notifying the the Postal Service of a new mailing address. 
On our recent relocation all of this seemed pretty straight forward and simple--well maybe not the moving and cleaning but--the terminating of services was a breeze. Unlike Spain, where we had to do it in Spanish and in most cases fill out endless paperwork, in Australia we were able to do it over the phone. Of course, one task always gets left for the end. In our final week in Adelaide I stopped by the Post to pick up a form to have our mail forwarded. I was going to fill in the paper then and there but a quick scan made me realize that proper ID for all requesting their mail be forwarded would have to be shown. Oh well, fortunately the post was just around the corner and I figured we could do it when the cleaners were shagging, I mean washing our windows. Besides, if worse came to worse we could always skip  this task since with skype, electronic billing, etc., little snail mail actually passes through our box. 
On our second to final day in Adelaide we considered skipping the forwarding all together, but I reflected on what a pain it had been for the last 2.5 years to have to return the inconsiderate previous tenant's mail. So off we headed to the Post Office
With the paperwork and photo ID's in hand we marched up to the counter. The teller slowly went over all of our information and entered it into the computer. As she scribbled something on the bottom of the paper, she briefly looked up and asked us how we wanted to pay for this transaction. We quickly replied "How much is it?" Neither of us could refrain from gasping when when she answered $70 dollars. We  sheepishly informed her that in the States it is a free service then quickly slunk out the door.


  1. Hi Maya, sounds like you had quite an adventure during this move. I can't even image all the work involved. I'm glad to hear that hopefully things are beginning to settle for you in your new home. And wow $70 to forward mail. Yikes. I would've slinked out too. :)

  2. No wonder we keep getting mail for our previous tenant!

  3. Hi Kathy, the move was an adventure in itself. At least we are now at the point we can laugh about it. We are still settling in, but for the most part things are coming together.

    Hi Suzer, year I could never figure out why the previous people didn't fill out the forwarding paperwork, but I guess it was more about the money.